Sunday, February 14, 2021

The story of the most famous monster of all time!

    This is a classic story of grave robbing, mad scientist trying to create life in a medieval castle laboratory and the essence of man vs god.   Marry Shelley's Frankenstein has become a horror icon.  There are few who have not heard or seen some version of the book, movies or hundreds of other pop culture references to Frankenstein's monster...and at the same time so very few have actually experienced the terror of reading Mary Shelley's book.  For some it can be a difficult read as it is written in the old style English with many 50 cent words which were a sign of education at the time.  But the grim heart wrenching story is not to be missed.

   And so without further delay....Here is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein unabridged in all its dark and horrifying truth.


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